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REVOS.2040 is the mission of awakening consciousness.
We (REVOS.2040) aim to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how we currently think about the world.
We encourage and inspire each other to take action with the goal of bringing to life a bright future for us all.
We believe in creating change by raising the collective consciousness. 
Living sustainably, creating a spiritual relationship with oneself and shaping a better world together are all things we encourage.
We offer information that we think will help people to live better, see through the lies, and break down the old ways of thinking that no longer serve our society. We examine what we perceive to be the most important problems in our failing society today, we discuss potential solutions and alternatives that might help us to rebuild our society from this mess we find ourselves in.
We publish articles that challenge our thinking and preconceptions. We speak our truth and offer a platform for other people to speak theirs. And we hope that, in some small way, we contribute to the sustainable, humane and enlightened future we know is on the horizon.
we encourage discernment and critical thinking. We certainly don’t believe everything we see, hear and read, and we don’t encourage you to either. We encourage our readers to question any and all information that comes across your path. If an article you read rings true to you, pass the knowledge on (there are easy ‘sharing’ options for social media on each of our posts). 
But most importantly, we encourage you to follow your intuition. Only you know what feels right for you, so why not do it? And KEEP doing it.
It is a time for right action.
Revolution is not a thing of the past.
The heart is the new brain.
With our minds informed and our hearts open, we can change the world.
It starts with each of us. 


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